The CocktailBar Litepaper

To new beginnings

The CocktailBar
3 min readJul 29, 2023

Welcome to the CocktailBar, where even your financial adviser might need a stiff drink. Strap in, take a sip, and get ready for a fun ride with the $COC token.

CocktailBar (COC) is our not-so-secret recipe, an ERC-20 token brewed on the Ethereum Blockchain. With a tight crowd of only 50,000 tokens in total, each $COC token is a key to the world of unique web3 experiences we serve up. The $COC token is designed to be versatile and adaptable, growing and evolving with the ecosystem and the needs of its holders.

Like a never ending happy hour, where the house always loses, COC is all about the profit sharing. Real time, autonomous, profit sharing. No waiting, no closing time. Just you and your fair share of the pot. The unique profit-sharing model we’ve developed ensures that as the ecosystem grows, so does the value of every COC token. It’s a win-win scenario where everyone gets a piece of the action.

When you stake COC, you’re not just earning ETH dividends and token rewards from the various projects we’ll be launching, but also gaining exclusive access to various projects. This staking mechanism is the heart of the CocktailBar, pumping life and value into every corner of our ecosystem.

Every project we launch under the CocktailBar umbrella amps up your earnings through passive income in some form or another.

These projects, including MetaHunt (MHNT), an engaging web3 game; BLOCS, a dynamic and constructible NFT collection; Odyssey, an interactive 3D NFT marketplace; and, ProofOfPurchase3D (POP3D), a high-stakes gamefi platform, are designed to be profitable, engaging and, most importantly, beneficial for our COC holders. They serve as both an additional revenue stream and a way to constantly innovate within the space.

The CocktailBar isn’t just about getting drunk on dividends. Each project we cook up is designed to entertain, engage, and maybe even sober you up a bit. They’re opportunities to participate in and drive the growth of our ecosystem. Our commitment to building a diverse portfolio of projects ensures that there’s always something exciting on the horizon.

So, plug in to the cocktailbar universe, stake your COC tokens, and let’s turn CocktailBar into blockchains back-alley of high risk, degenerate web3 gaming.

Our mission: to build an ecosystem that’s as profitable as it is entertaining.

Stay tuned as we uncork a batch of intoxicating projects, maturing to perfection. Each one a unique web3 cocktail and, naturally, another chance to get high on dividends for COC token holders. We’re not just launching projects, we’re launching projects that enrich our community.

So raise a glass to the future of the CocktailBar — where Wall Street meets Burning Man, smart contracts meet margaritas, and everyone stumbles out with (Ideally) a heavier digital wallet. Bottoms up! This is just the beginning — the best is yet to come!

The BrewPrint

1. MetaHunt [Currently Brewing]:
Our first mix, MetaHunt, is a potent blend of web3 gaming and high-stakes adventure. One sip, and you’re hooked. (Peep the recipe here)

2. ProofOfPurchase3D (POP3D) [On Deck]:
Next up, POP3D. A shot of high-stakes Adrenaline and Defi that’ll have your head spinning faster than a roulette wheel.

3. Odyssey [Aging Gracefully]:
Following that, we’re stirring up Odyssey, a marketplace that’s part NFT gallery, part Wonderland. Down the rabbit hole we go!

4. BLOCS [Under The Counter]:
Rounding out our menu, BLOCS. An interactive NFT collection that’s the perfect pick-me-up for your DeFi hangover.

5. Mystery Brew [Fermenting]:
And for those who enjoy a surprise, keep your eyes peeled for future projects. We’ve got more wild web3 wonders fermenting in our barrels.